Interactive Development For Capacity Building Of People With Disabilities (Special Talent)

Disability is an issue that touches many lives in Indonesia. There are at least 10 million people with some form of disability (WHO). Most common disabilities arise from difficulties with vision, hearing and walking. Forty percent of those who have a disability have multiple disabilities. People with disabilities still have lower educational attainment, worse health, fewer economic opportunities and lesser access to public services than people without disabilities.

Indonesia recently passed Law No 8 /2016. This law follows the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities in 2011 and commits the Indonesian government to the eradication of discrimination against people with disabilities and to actively work to support and provide services to this segment of the population.

JARI (Jejaring Alumni and Returning Expert Indonesia) Foundation, as a non- government organization, is often working together with German alumni to share knowledge and create applicable innovation through teaching, mentoring and coaching.

Diaspora and German alumni will be contributing and sharing their knowledge as mentors through their various competencies. They will actively participate in the webinar, giving insight and directly advise, assist and share knowledge based on their expertise.

People with disabilities cannot be compared with normal people and should not be compared. This is the first mistake that often occurred in the community. Many rules, regulation, activity background and performance indicator are based on normal situation and condition of normal people, thus disable people cannot compete within this area. Mr. Warsito Ellwein, as the Chairman of Special Olympic Indonesia (SOIna), wants to change that and has already started within SOIna. In Bogor, Yayasan Wonder Koding Indonesia has started their program in teaching and mentoring students with hearing problem, computer learning and programing which they do not get at school. This program has improve their skill and develop cooperation with private sector. Digital learning program and software is also develop by diaspora in Germany to help teacher and mentor improve their education quality to be more attractive and colorful. This is very enlightening for people with disabilities (special talent) that they are supported and encouraged by many people for their improvement and development. The next step after the webinar is the preparation for disabled person to be part of special Olympic and other special event, not only as participant, but also as organizer.