Where We Work

JARI (Indonesian Alumni and Returnes Network) as an organization incorporated as a foundation with programs and activities in academic, business, socio-political and practical innovation, has 4 (four) working areas:

  1. Sumatra
  2. Banten, West Java, and DKI
  3. Central Java and Yogyakarta
  4. East Java and Bali.

This is done to facilitate coordination and bring the foundation closer to the beneficiaries. Each region will be led by the Regional Chair.

The duties and functions of the Regional Chair are as follows:

  1. Representation; Representing JARI in the work area.
  2. Coordination; conduct meetings, discussions, and negotiations related to JARI programs and activities.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation; carry out data collection, supervision, and provide recommendations/suggestions to JARI management regarding programs and activities that will be and have been carried out.
  4. Administration; responsible for all activities that use JARI’s budget as well as registering members, safeguarding JARI’s assets and interests in its working area.

All programs and activities in the region are carried out on behalf of the JARI Foundation and with the approval of the JARI Management.