Returning Expert And German Alumni Contribution For SMEs Development

SMEs are one of the sources of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and play important role in the improvement of Indonesian economy, and also has great impact in eradicating poverty due to labor intensives. As the center of economy, various programs have been carried out, including the development of SMEs.

Based on its traditionalism, their knowledge is very basic and mostly passed down through generations. The system, technology and knowledge are mostly similar or with very small improvement. Without any special education, training, and fundamental innovation, the products have relatively same model, design, and quality thus very small increase in profit.







JARI Foundation, which is established by German Alumni group, has mission to accommodate returning expert and alumni in community development. JARI Foundation, together with German alumni, commits to participate in creating applicative innovation, sharing knowledge, and encourage collaboration with various stakeholders with the aim of living quality improvement.