Investment Gap as well as Opportunities and Challenges of Livestock Business in Aceh

The workshop of “Gap Investasi serta Peluang dan Tantangan Bisnis Peternakan di Aceh” has been conducted in Banda Aceh city, 30th of October 2021. This program is a community service and participation of German alumni to public. It is aimed to provide insight about the opportunities in livestock area and new smart technology for breeding and farming.

There is such a large investment gap that it is possible to fill in with innovative ideas from German alumni with their experience and networks. This investment gap is an opportunity for German Alumni to contribute and implement the innovations and ideas to the community. Hopefully after this agenda, German alumni can collaborate and take a part with various parties to fill existing business opportunities especially in the agricultural sector, breeding technology sector and in other sectors. In this activity, the Indonesian Alumni & Returning Experts Network (JARI) collaborated with partners from Bijeh Inspira Aktion foundation, PAJ and IAJ.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) can only be achieved through a strong commitment to global partnerships and cooperation. These goals have the potential to make the world a better place by 2030 by eradicating poverty, combating inequality, and addressing the urgency of climate change. It is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society, and the general public, to work together to build a better future for everyone, guided by the goals.

After the pandemic COVID 19 Aceh’s economic growth has been positively increased, even though it is still below the national and North Sumatra average economic growth. Aceh’s economy based on business fields is still dominated by the agricultural industry and trade. In 2021, Aceh’s economy is estimated to accelerate with room for growth of 2.03 – 2.83% (yoy) in line with the implementation of the PPKM policy. Hopefully, the new businesses will grow from the creative ideas of youth Acehnese people in which will be able to increase the economic thrust of Aceh Province.

JARI (Jejaring Alumni dan Returnee Indonesia) is a Foundation that has a vision and mission to encourage German Alumni from Indonesia to return to Indonesia to contribute to Indonesia’s sustainable development goals in all sectors of development. JARI is a gathering platform of German alumni who return to their homeland and collectively aspire to provide more contributions to Indonesia.

Therefore, JARI collaborated with local organization Bijeh Inspira Aktion, German Alumni Organization in Aceh initiate to organize a workshop that focuses on empowering the community to achieve sustainable development goals and understanding the investment gap in doing business and the opportunity in agricultural and livestock business in Aceh. Hence, the theme of this workshop is “Gap Investasi serta Peluang dan Tantangan Bisnis Peternakan di Aceh”. The goal is to start a conversation among German alumni and local stakeholders about how to implement the main points in the SDGs, particularly point 2 on “Zero Hunger” and point 8 on “Decent Work and Economic Growth”