Encouraging The Community To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

JARI (Jejaring Alumni dan Returnee Indonesia) is a Foundation that has a vision and mission to encourage German Alumni from Indonesia to return to Indonesia to contribute to Indonesia’s sustainable development goals in all sectors of development. JARI is a gathering platform of German alumni who return to their homeland and collectively aspire to provide more contributions to Indonesia. The JARI foundation was initiated based on the high optimism of German alumni to achieve noble purposes, utilizing the knowledge and passion brought home from Germany for the development of Indonesia, therefore, some German alumni established the JARI foundation to bridge such an aspiration.

As the time goes, we feel the necessity for good synergy between the internal organs of the JARI foundation, or the relationship between the JARI foundation & other German organizations for the JARI Foundation’s ideals to make changes for the better Indonesia can be fulfilled.

Therefore, we’re having the initiative to organize a virtual seminar that focuses on empowering the community to achieve sustainable development goals and an offline seminar in understanding the investment gap in doing business and the opportunity in livestock business in Aceh.