Contribution From German-Alumni In Merdeka Belajar Program

The Webinar “Contribution from German-Alumni in Program Merdeka Belajar” is a form of support and participation of German alumni to support the government program Kampus Merdeka: Merdeka Belajar to improve the quality of students in Indonesia. This program also facilitates Indonesian students to gain experience by going directly into the real world of industry and assisting the development of students in Indonesia in preparing for their future. This is something that has a very positive impact on the progress of the Indonesian state.

The education system and reorientation in Indonesia in general still tends to identify students as objects, teachers or tutors who hold the highest power in the learning process are seen as figures who seem to have the highest authority so that the learning system is subject- matter oriented. Due to that reason, students tend to learn by memorizing the material so that the test results obtained can fulfill their satisfaction. If the culture is left unchecked, the thing to worry about is when students have to go to higher level of education. These students are very likely to just go with the flow with what is required at school. They only focus on the goal of being the top class students and getting easy access to apply for a job. However, one thing that needs to be considered about is whether the achievement is indeed obtained because they really understand and are able to apply the knowledge gained.

One crucial thing that matters is to answer these questions: are the majors chosen by students in accordance with their interests? What if so far they have only been given limited opportunities to acquire their knowledge? The mental readiness of students after graduating and having to enter the industrial world must also be considered. In addition, binding accreditation standards are one of the obstacles for students to enter universities, both public and private. Therefore, many things must be considered in advancing the Indonesian education system. One of the efforts that have been made by the current Minister of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Nadiem Anwar Makarim, is to launch the Merdeka Learning policy: Kampus Merdeka. The Kampus Merdeka policy contains four policy adjustments within the scope of Higher Education, namely curriculum preparation, work practices or internships, and student work placements in collaboration between universities and partners to carry out supervision and tracer studies that must be carried out by PTN (Public University) and PTS (Private University).

Along with the launch of the Kampus Merdeka program, students are expected to be able to obtain higher quality materials and learning while reducing the administrative burden on lecturers. In addition, students can have a wider study space and have the freedom to determine the course of their learning across disciplines and not be affected by the number of credits. This is in line with Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development, where to develop thinking and understanding itself through action and interaction with the surrounding world and development and occur depending on what is provided by society. This policy can be an opportunity for students to develop potential outside their main study program with expert guidance through cross-disciplines.

In order for the Kampus Merdeka program to run smoothly, we will hold a socialization webinar for Kampus Merdeka. The webinar will present 7 (seven) speakers who will thoroughly explain the benefits obtained if you join this program.



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