Politics and Inter-Institutional Relations

With the spirit of building a just and equitable Indonesia, JARI makes an active contribution to the development of the environment, human resources, and socio-culture. Therefore, JARI does not define itself as an organization related to political parties, but does not prohibit its members from participating in party or practical politics. In other words, the political choices and views of JARI members are not the political choices and views of the JARI Foundation.

For the sake of its role for development in the fields of academic, business, socio-political and innovation, JARI synergizes with political and government institutions as well as other community organizations formed in the MoU and cooperation.

Regarding the Memerandum of Understanding (MoU), JARI builds active communication and work with the DPR-RI, RI Ministry Institutions, Central Government Agencies, and Community Organizations engaged in social and religious fields. Meanwhile, cooperation agreements are made at the local government level I and II, universities and schools, national and local companies, and other non-governmental organizations or foundations.