Weekend Workshop with Mr. Yudhi Hermanu at Gaia Solutions, South Jakarta

The management and members of the JARI Foundation are currently participating in a workshop in collaboration with a consulting agency in Jakarta called Gaia Solutions. Mr. Yudhi Hermanu, with a wealth of experience in fostering business and social movements in various regions in Indonesia, became a facilitator in activities intended to increase the capacity of JARI Foundation members in organizing.

Quick Win analysis was the main topic that was deepened at the weekend’s event, by taking a case study, namely the concept of collaboration between the JARI Foundation and the Presidential Special Staff regarding the development of halal tourism in Mandalika. Quick Win is intended so that the JARI Foundation management is able to identify the expectations and targets to be achieved in the project.

The conclusion drawn in the workshop that day was that in implementing a project, an organization or team should pay attention to the sustainability of the project so that the resulting impact is in line with the amount of resources spent.